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In our group, we combine chemical biology, enzyme kinetics, proteomics, metabolomics and epigenetics to investigate molecular processes associated with pathogenesis of head and neck cancer, radiation-associated diabetes and cognitive impairment, and response to radiation and targeted therapies in head and neck cancer. The three areas of research in our group are: 

(a) Chemical Probes: Synthesis of chemical probes for detection of protein oxidation in vitro and in cells by mass spectrometry, Western blot and imaging analysis. Several of our probes are commercially available through Kerafast.

(b) Structure-Function Analysis of Redox Regulated Proteins: Isoform-selective oxidation of Akt2 in pathophysiology.

(c) Head and Neck Cancer: Studies on the molecular mechanisms of response to radiation and targeted therapies in head and neck cancer. For this project, we are developing proteomics-based models of how cells operate and respond to perturbations such as oxidation and changes in pH which occur during the development of disease or course of treatment. 


Our efforts have been greatly enhanced by the generous support from the Kimbrell family which facilitated the purchasing of a number of instruments over the last years. In their honor, the laboratory housing the instruments is named the Kimbrell Proteomics Laboratory.  The laboratory is currently equipped with three mass spectrometers: a LTQ Orbitrap Velos Pro with ETD capability interfaced with a splitless multi-dimensional nanoLC system (Thermo Fisher/Dionex); a Thermo LTQ ion-trap mass spectrometer coupled to an Ultimate 3000 nanoLC system (Dionex); and an Agilent ESI-TOF instrument for mass spectrometry analysis of proteins and peptides.

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